One Small Step For a Man…One Giant Leap for McCain!

September 9, 2008 at 10:02 pm 1 comment

Recent polls are showing that John McCain has taken a 2% lead against democrat opponent, Barack Obama. In the electoral college standings, however, McCain is behind by 54. Republicans are hoping that the increase in popular votes will result in an increase with electoral standings.

So, why the sudden change in the polls you ask? There are numerous things that could have led to this. First of all I’ll start off by saying that I usually do not follow polls; they are constantly changing and usually flawed. Yet with the presidential campaigns near a high, I found it necessary to write a post. Both candidates have their flaws: Obama with his religion controversy and obsession with change and McCain with his age and incredible wealth. The bottom line is that the candidate’s choice as to who would be their vice president was absolutely crucial. And to be quite frank, I find it fair to say that John McCain certainly came out on top.

First of all, Obama’s entire campaign has been based around the topic of change: change with health care, change with education, change with the war in Iraq. And who does he choose to be his second hand? JOE BIDEN. Joe Biden, the ultra conservative democrat who is for anything but change. The only logical reason that I could find for this choice was the fact that Barack Obama, and the nation for that matter, are aware of the inexperience he has as a politician in general. So, with this lack of confidence, he uses Joe Biden to fill in that gap of his resume.

John McCain on the other hand, picked Sarah Palin whom is also conservative. Palin, a 44-year old mother of four and soon to be grandmother, is anti-gay (which I’m not too crazy about), pro-life, and pro-guns. Even with the recent publicity of her teenage daughter being pregnant, Palin has managed to keep her head high and stick to her pro-life views. She is great for John McCain in the sense that she will help rake in his much needed approval from female voters. McCain is aware that his age plays a huge factor in his run for presidency and by choosing a young woman VPILF the country may be more willing to elect him even with the chances of his untimely death (God forbid).

Either way, this election is set to be a historic one. The United States of America will either elect its first black president or the oldest president and first female vice president.

What do YOU think?

Source: CNN


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  • 1. John  |  September 9, 2008 at 10:45 pm

    Polls are ridiculous and useless… They are an outdated method of gathering the public’s opinion. No one these days should pay attention to polls. Plus it seems that polls are heavily biased these days… the latest poll that you are referring to used a much higher sampling of republican voters, so of course the poll is going to come out ahead for Obama.

    read the following article.

    As for the Obama decision to choose Biden, Biden is a great choice for a VP. He is incredibly respected both internationally and at home, and yes he does fill in the gaps that Obama may have in experience… That’s what a VP should do.

    McCain on the other hand chose Palin just for the pure reason to shore in the female voters. Not on merit or credibility, but because she happened to be a woman. If Palin was smart, she would have declined the offer and left it up for a more credible candidate.

    And I’m not saying that women are not qualified… There are many female politicians that can more than handle the job. I’m just saying that she is by far the least qualified to handle the second most important job in this country. Her resume says it all. A much better pick would have been Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson, who has an incredibly strong resume and would have appealed to the disgruntled Hillary voters.

    Many women if you continue to read the articles out there, are appalled by his decision. As they should be. Because unlike men… Women tend to think with their brains.

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