One Small Step For a Man…One Giant Leap for McCain!

Recent polls are showing that John McCain has taken a 2% lead against democrat opponent, Barack Obama. In the electoral college standings, however, McCain is behind by 54. Republicans are hoping that the increase in popular votes will result in an increase with electoral standings.

So, why the sudden change in the polls you ask? There are numerous things that could have led to this. First of all I’ll start off by saying that I usually do not follow polls; they are constantly changing and usually flawed. Yet with the presidential campaigns near a high, I found it necessary to write a post. Both candidates have their flaws: Obama with his religion controversy and obsession with change and McCain with his age and incredible wealth. The bottom line is that the candidate’s choice as to who would be their vice president was absolutely crucial. And to be quite frank, I find it fair to say that John McCain certainly came out on top.

First of all, Obama’s entire campaign has been based around the topic of change: change with health care, change with education, change with the war in Iraq. And who does he choose to be his second hand? JOE BIDEN. Joe Biden, the ultra conservative democrat who is for anything but change. The only logical reason that I could find for this choice was the fact that Barack Obama, and the nation for that matter, are aware of the inexperience he has as a politician in general. So, with this lack of confidence, he uses Joe Biden to fill in that gap of his resume.

John McCain on the other hand, picked Sarah Palin whom is also conservative. Palin, a 44-year old mother of four and soon to be grandmother, is anti-gay (which I’m not too crazy about), pro-life, and pro-guns. Even with the recent publicity of her teenage daughter being pregnant, Palin has managed to keep her head high and stick to her pro-life views. She is great for John McCain in the sense that she will help rake in his much needed approval from female voters. McCain is aware that his age plays a huge factor in his run for presidency and by choosing a young woman VPILF the country may be more willing to elect him even with the chances of his untimely death (God forbid).

Either way, this election is set to be a historic one. The United States of America will either elect its first black president or the oldest president and first female vice president.

What do YOU think?

Source: CNN

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Lance Armstrong: Preparing for Return

Ted Kennedy will not be the only one returning back to their lifetime passion! It has been recently announced that Lance Armstrong will be returning next summer for the Tour de France! It looks to me as though his head is in the right place and he will NOT settle for second place!

Added Bill Stapleton, Armstrong’s lawyer and longtime confidant: “We’re not going to try to win second place.”

Armstrong will join the list of many athletes who come back from retirement: Brett Favre for example.  Lance Armstrong  retired in 2005 after  a first place finish in the Tour de France.  This time however, he seeks his eighth victory.  In 2004 he released a very widely popular yellow wristband with the name of his organization, Livestrong,  on it.  Since his short lived retirement, Lance Armstrong has taken a political stance on cancer, the disease that almost ended his life.

“I had the disease and I hate it and I hate that we haven’t made enough progress against it.”

Click here to watch a video that Lance Armstrong made to announce his unexpected return.  In my opinion Lance Armstrong is an amazing role model for anyone fighting cancer; I definitely support his return!

What do YOU think??

source:  MSNBC

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Tom Brady Out For Season

Tom Brady may be out for the rest of the 2008 football season sources are reporting with a torn ACL.

“It’s bad,” a team source said. “We’re going to have to play without him.”

The Patriot’s super attractive star was injured after being struck in the leg, which then buckled, by Chief’s safety Bernard Pollard.  The photo above shows the moment at impact where Brady’s leg bent.

Hey, at least he gets to spend his time at home getting nursed by uber pretty Giselle Bundchen ;).

Source: Yahoo Sports

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Lindsay and Girlfriend Want a Baby??

Lindsay and rumored girlfriend Samantha Ronson are reportedly considering having a child together. Since phenotypically it is impossible for two women to have a baby (obvi) Lindsay is supposedly going to one of her LOVELY ex boyfriends to borrow some swimmers since she doesn’t have a big enough heart to consider adoption. (Crackhead baby> little african orphan????)

Anyways, Lindsay hopes a child will cure her of her alcoholism and drug use.  The fact that there are people in this world that want to have a child for solely that reason nauseates me.  A baby is a LIFE it isn’t a toy, it isn’t a rehab center, it is a tiny person that will look up to you. If she were serious about having a child she would clean her act up first and THEN consider it.

What do you think?

Source: Perezhilton

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Teenage Obesity Linked To Liver Damage

Studies are showing that more and more obese teenagers are at extremely high risk to developing serious liver problems. This condition can lead to a handful of diseases such as cirrhosis, liver failure, and liver cancer and experts say that many of these adolescents will need a new liver by the time they reach their thirties.  The disease is called Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and up to 5% of overweight children above the age of five have it.

OK people, is it only me or does this article not shock you? It is and HAS BEEN well known that there are absolutely no health benefits to being overweight. It effects all of your systems, including individual organs such as your heart, lungs, and now even your liver.  When are these parents going to realize that although their kids are happy eating junk food, that in reality they are in the long run KILLING THEM??  I understand that sometimes the parents aren’t the ones to blame; there are genetic conditions out there that cause rapid weight gain but at least get your child tested for this disease if they are indeed overweight.

Some experts think as many as 10 percent of all children and half of those who are obese may suffer from it, but note that few are given the simple blood test that can signal its presence.

A simple blood test could be the difference in your child living or dying. WAKE UP AMERICA! Obesity especially in children is on the rise.  Our children are the future of America; what does it say about our country’s future when a large percentage of it is fat?

Tell me what YOU think.

Source: MSNBC

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Ted Kennedy Shall Return

Edward Kennedy, also known as Ted Kennedy, will not be returning  to Capitol Hill this week when congress returns from their summer recess. For those of you who do not know, in May 76-year old Kennedy was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.  Currently he is working from inside of his home in Massachusetts but plans on returning to congress come January.

The latest appearance Ted has made was when he delivered a speech at the Democratic National Convention.  I’m not going to lie, the only reason why I watched the Democratic National Convention was to see how, and if, Ted Kennedy was going to make a speech.  First of all, most people did not know how severe the cancer/brain surgery had effected the poor man.  With my pessimism  I thought that he was going to be like Dick Clark when he performs the New Years countdown! Fortunately though, he made an absolutely amazing speech; the surgery did not effect his performance what-so-ever.

I do not understand why Edward Kennedy is going to go through with returning to congress however. The fact of the matter is this: no matter how you look at it unfortunately this tumor, which surgeons could not remove, will be his eminent death. Knowing that he may not have much time left, why in the world would Edward Kennedy spend his last few months in congress instead of spending time with his family? I understand that congress may be his passion but I’d imagine if I were in his position I’d spend all of the time in the world with the people I love relaxing and being comfortable.

Either way, I will keep him in my prayers and hope for a miracle that could cure him of that horrible disease.

Do you think that it’s silly for Ted Kennedy to return to congress?

Source: MSNBC

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Hiya :)

Hello everyone! So today I decided to start a new blog. The purpose of this blog is to discuss current events while at the same time throwing in a teenagers’ opinion.

I’d like to start off by telling you a little bit about myself :). My name is Jordanna, I’m 18 years old, and I reside in New Jersey. I am indeed a republican (rare, i know) but that does not mean that in my blog I will be biased. I’m your ordinary teenage girl whom loves to express her opinion regarding certain topics and news stories. The main goal that I have with this blog is to spread my opinion, influence others to voice theirs, and perhaps make a little tiny dent in society and the way people think.

Anyways, I will try my best with school and all to post as much as possible 🙂

ALWAYS feel free to comment, I love hearing your opinion :D.

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